You are one of a kind.
No one else has your unique combination
of experiences, challenges, joys, and dreams.

At Designs of the Interior,
we believe that the places where you live your life
should be as unique as you are.
And…they should be beautiful.

We speak the language of design…and we speak it fluently.
Our years of experience, innate creativity, and profound passion for design
allow us to translate your unique approach to life
into spaces that are undeniably beautiful and perfectly live-able. For you.

We get to know you before we recommend anything.
Because the space you live in should be a reflection of who you are,
not just a reproduction of the latest design trends.
That’s why we don’t have a set style or consistent look.
Instead, we allow you and your personality to determine the design direction.
Our job is to interpret your personality into stunning design and installation,
down to the smallest detail. And we really love our job.

We love to work as a team, collaborating and helping each other
in ways that deliver a multiplied value to you.
At Designs of the Interior, when you hire one of us, you hire all of us.
Our combination of skills and experience always delivers amazing and original results.

The energy that emanates from our team—that vibe you sense—
feels a bit “big city” to some people. It’s current, dynamic, and active.
But that big city vibe doesn’t outweigh our commitment to things like family and responsibility
that are distinctively Wisconsin. It’s an interesting blend that’s a part of who we are.

So let’s have some fun!
Let’s talk about your life.
And let’s create something beautiful.